Posted by on Jan 12, 2011

shapeimage_1Here is what I like about this story: Joe decided to start exercising. He wanted to see if his body still had “game”. It did- and not only could he log some major miles, training for the NYC Marathon, but he loved the time he spent training!

In turn, that led him pay more attention to his eating habits. Now this is a man who understands and creates world-class food from fresh ingredients. Did he stop eating great cuisine? No, he JUST ATE LESS. He still enjoys the pleasures of fine dining and good wine. He enjoys family meals and the social aspects of eating.

But exercise led him to a healthier approach to food. This is why I am more concerned initially with getting you moving and enjoying how you can feel more energetic, joyful, strong and confident. If you receive this gift from your body, you are more likely to treat it well through good nutrition, rest and balanced workouts. Then I can help you make knowledgeable choices.

















Passion for Food as Fuel – Video Library – The New York Times
Restaurant owner Joe Bastianich resisted his trade’s finest food and wine (well, some of it) to train for the 2008 New York City marathon.



Joe Bastianich’s healthy white bean stew

Whether you’re running a marathon or a mile, you need the right food to stay energized. Joe Bastianich, a chef, restaurateur, winemaker and marathoner, has the perfect dish: White bean stew with Swiss chard and tomatoes. Not only is this meal nutritious and flavorful, it’s also easy to make.