Posted by on Feb 25, 2012

It has been four months since this journey (and journal) began. When I started, I went in as a curious bystander. I had a vague idea that involved writing about something other people were pondering also. It seemed like a good blog topic, and I really didn’t have a positive or negative opinion on barefoot and minimal shoe running. I suppose there was a degree of bias, as I tend to believe that keeping our lifestyle, that is; diet, exercises, sleep, time outdoors in nature, and stress management, to name a few, as simple and origins-based as possible. So, yes, I wanted to believe that I wasn’t becoming increasingly dependent on highly structured and padded footwear- in the same way that I want to believe that I can still become stronger, faster, smarter and healthier as I approach my sixth decade. The long and the short of it is that I have been changed by this experience. I rarely wear shoes now, and my feet have adapted to running with a simple, flat sole or barefoot on smooth ground. I just returned from a trip to the Caribbean where I had some great runs along the beach. In fact, of the six days spent on the island of Roatan, I was only shod for the 2 hour horseback excursion we took one day. My feet have gotten a little more spread out, my arch and instep more developed, and I feel sturdy and confident all the way to the ground! I hope you will take away something from my experience that will give you the courage to trust your body to “carry” you where you need to go.