Posted by on Dec 2, 2011


You will frequently see pictures of me performing a movement in surroundings other than Westerfeld Fitness. Why, you may ask, does a trainer/owner need to visit other gyms and take instruction from others?

Firstly, I work and train by myself. People who enjoy the privacy of one-on-one or small group training without a typical gym setting come to see me; that is the nature of my practice. At home I can read and research the foundations of good training in order to keep up with current studies and popular trends. But one of the best ways for me to learn is by doing: this is inherently a physical, tangible form of work, and must be put into action in order to be understood. When I get out of my bubble and experience what else is out there, I can then distill a variety of techniques into something I can present to my clients.

Secondly, while forming a network of peers is a vital part of a healthy work environment, it’s especially important for personal trainers. Fitness is a science-based field that is constantly changing with each new study or discovery. I wouldn’t be doing my job if I weren’t regularly reviewing and revising my methods to ensure that what I offer my clients is the best and most effective training. Having a network of other trainers encourages an open exchange of ideas and an opportunity to test these methods.

When you train with me, you receive the benefit of my education and personal approach to your health and fitness needs. You choose me because my style and philosophy suit you. But you also get the benefit of my ongoing research, which is the time I spend broadening my experience and knowledge.

I look forward to sharing my adventures with you!