Posted by on Sep 29, 2014


When Kathie and I finally achieved Emeritus status in 2006 by selling our business, we had just moved to Austin, and knew that we wanted to get back to some sort of fitness routine. We were introduced by a friend to Jenni Westerfeld, and we rededicated our fitness program during that summer.


I was 65, in good health, but needed some supervised fitness work. In the initial interview with Jenni regarding goals, she uncovered a couple of my hobbies which are done more easily/safely with better balance, more upper body strength, stronger legs and a much stronger core. One of the hobbies is ham radio, which in my case involves being able to climb 100’ towers. Once ‘at altitude’, work must be done which involves good balance and strong shoulders/arms. The other hobby is street rod cars. No climbing involved, thankfully, but still a lot of lifting and effort with one’s core.


After about six months or so, I began to notice how much better I was negotiating treacherous paths thru all the radio and auto parts on the workshop floor. I had fallen in this garage just after we moved and managed to land with my hip on a blunt steel rod. It took several months to recoup from that, but fortunately, nothing was broken. After all the balance exercises and work on my core, no more falls and much more sure footing.


 The other thing that I noticed was how much more easily I was able to lift relatively heavy objects over my head and then hold them for a spell. This made my tower work much more predictable and a whole lot safer. And as I began to do more work with the stability ball and on the Pilates Reformer, I noticed that my abs and back had become much stronger.

Jenni’s knowledge of anatomy and physiology has enabled her to ‘work around’ small injuries that Kathie and I have had in the past 8 years. In that way, we were able to continue at least with some limited (read safe) exercises and not have to lose ground thru dormancy.


To sum up, Kathie and I are pleased with how much better we’re functioning, now in our early seventies!