AboutMe_HeaderI am Jenni Westerfeld. Born in Los Angeles in 1954, I lived in Italy, and then on the East Coast. Eventually I returned to L.A. and later moved to Texas with my family.

I have been married to my husband, Smokey, a Texan, for almost 30 years. We have 3 grown children. In 1993, we moved from Los Angeles to Austin, Texas when the kids were young because of the quality of life here, a decision we feel good about to this day.

After college I began a career in television and film production as a sound mixer, first in New York and then in Los Angeles. I met Smokey at CBS-TV where we both worked. After many years in that field, I left to raise our children. The long hours and uncertain schedule were not compatible with raising a family.

I have always been active; running, horseback riding (dressage) and participating in fitness programs. When our youngest was established in school, it was time to return to the workforce.

I made a decision to study sports physiology and exercise technique, with the goal of passing the NSCA Certification Exam. I knew that if I learned the comprehensive material needed to pass, I would know enough to get started in this new, exciting profession. In the spring of 2001, I launched my new business!

Happily, I had a solid group of people who were willing to give me a try when I was just getting started. Some are still training with me 13 years later.

I went on to study at the CHEK Institute where the basics of functional training were thoroughly presented, as well as the fundamental principles behind a balanced neuromuscular system, a system of sound assessment technique, and guidance in dealing with common spinal issues. Several years later I took another CHEK course. This time, the material covered a holistic approach to lifestyle, including nutritional counseling and stress management. I have returned for future study, because exercise, diet and rest are closely intertwined in our pursuit of good health.

I was also fortunate to study with Bill McDonald, a student of Aaron Mattes, the creator of Active Isolated Stretching, a system of assisted stretches that has greatly improved range of motion and reduced or eliminated chronic pain in many of my clients.

Every year I try to learn something new to add to the toolbox with which I work. Pilates has been one such tool, as it was an early form of rehabilitative core training. Continuing education offers opportunities to learn to evaluate and work through chronic issues so that amateurs and athletes can get back to the activities they enjoy. It’s fun for me to participate in workshops and bring back new exercises and functional training equipment such as the TRX.

For over a year I have been developing a personal Yoga practice. It has taught me so much about the value of flexibility and balance. I have learned some useful techniques to improve both aspects of  fitness. Yoga has also given me a chance to test my own core strength.

I love working with people- my clients range in age from middle schoolers to some very active folks in their 70’s. My studio, property, and pool offer a wide variety of exercise environments in which to train. We plan to be here for quite a while, so come check us out!