Posted by on Oct 17, 2014


I’ve worked with Jenni for about 3 years now and am continually amazed at the changes that we’ve achieved together. I’ve been able to lose 30+ pounds with her steady support and unflagging optimism about my ability to achieve my goals; with never a judgment when I fall off the wagon and have the occasional éclair or that extra Mexican Martini!



Her knowledge about exercise physiology and nutrition have created a well balanced program that positively impacts my health everyday. When I started working with Jenni 3 years ago I was motivated by  worsening arthritis in my knees, my weight and my overall out-of-shapeness.



The Tuesday and Friday training sessions with her quickly became a touchstone for a more complete overhaul of my health habits that have included a much healthier diet, regular workouts on my own, weight control     (an on-going project!) and the less tangible but equally important belief in my power to imagine a change and work to create it.


IMG_5259It’s truly not an exaggeration to say that our work together has changed my life and I now view my health in light of manna-a blessing that is never finished and and that I participate in daily. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

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